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This is What it Feels Like 

is a body of 16 photographs that are dramatized representations of emotions I’ve felt accompanied by my collected objects I’m inspired by. These theatrical scenes incorporate myself and the ephemera I am drawn to- old dolls, decaying nature, broken mannequins. Many of these items hold symbolic power seen throughout art history, particularly Baroque Dutch Vanitas.


It didn’t become clear until later in my work that I was fascinated with these objects because I saw pieces of myself in them- striving to be beautiful while also being damaged. It became important to me to showcase their worth in this moment, and in doing so also proving mine.


Curating these images in my home are intimate moments of reflection where I can acknowledge the dance within the human experience where lightness and darkness meet.


Thriving and rotting, hope and loss, isolation and connection, become integral for me in the life-long journey of self-exploration. Through my work, I am able to shine a light on the intricate web of emotions and complex layers experienced in tandem and foster a deeper understanding of my existence.

acrylic face mounted archival ink print 

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